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Around Town- Dollar Express

Who doesn’t love a good dollar store?  While dollar stores are now affiliated with national chains with ‘family’ ‘general’ and ‘tree’ in the name- the locally owned dollar stores are still fighting strong.  Byron Center offers a great local dollar store- a hidden gem if you will.  With the downtown renovation complete and new parking added, the Dollar Express is now easier than ever to access and enjoy.

Featuring thousands of products for only $1 each (or less!), you will find things you need for cheap, or treasures you didn’t even know you were missing!  Great for kids to spend those dollars from Grandma or finding a cute gift bag and goodies to fill in them.  The Dollar Express also attaches to Impulse and Affordable Gifts for those “oops” and last minute gift needs. 

Need a latex or mylar balloon?  The Dollar Express can do that too!  So check out Byron Center’s locally owned and run dollar store- you’ll be glad you did!

2499 84th Street, Byron Center

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