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Who is buying a condo in 2010?

My previous post about ‘The Ever Changing Condo’ talks about the drastic changes in condo designs and layouts over the past few decades. These new designs have ignited new  condo buyers. Today’s condo buyer is not limited to any one demographic. Today’s condo buyer is a unique mix of all ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, and careers. The American dream of owning a home has finally caught up to today’s home buyer with the latest in condo communities and designs. So who is buying a condo in 2010?

Anyone who enjoys getting away for the weekend and not worrying about the lawn.

Anyone who needs to get to work NOW, and doesn’t have time to shovel the driveway.

Anyone who has a lot of ‘stuff’, and needs a lot of storage.

Anyone who loves to entertain guests.

Anyone who likes to relax after a long day at work.

The demographic of condo buyers has changed dramatically over the past decade. The idea of ‘retiring to’ a condo is no longer status quo. The choice to move into a condo is a decision to simplify life, to eliminate the tasks in our lives that, while we may enjoy doing them, we don’t want to have to do them. Let’s be honest, if you had a choice between your favorite activities (family time, boating, fishing, skiing, golfing, reading, cooking, the list goes on and on…) and shoveling the driveway on the coldest day in January, which would you choose? The type of buyer who chooses to simplify their life is not defined by any one group or demographic. This growing group is only defined by the desire to live a more simple life.

The choice to simplify life is a decision that we should all seriously consider. With all of the things we cram into our lives, when do we take time to breath? I’ll save this topic for another post…..

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