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Cats, Canines, and the Condo


One of the first questions many pet owners ask a condo or apartment development is “is my pet welcome?”  To many, their pet is another member of the family.  We are happy to say that Sierrafield Condominiums welcomes your pet home just as we do you!  Sierrafield is a pet friendly community.  We are home to many cats, dogs, and probably a goldfish or two!  However, there are a couple things to remember with regards to pets and the condo.

Sierrafield Condomiunums does allow pets, but we ask that you limit your home to the equivelent of 1 large dog.  A couple of cats or small pooches are fine.  We also ask that any pet is ‘tame’, meaning we don’t want to risk neighbors to any possible unfriendly wild guests.  It is important that you keep your dogs on a leash (per Michigan Leash Law) and clean up after them as well.  There are convinent pet bags located throughout the sidewalk common areas. 

Cats, Canines, and other tame pets are all welcome at Sierrafield Condominums.  We hope man’s best friend likes their new home as much as you do!

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