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The Ever Changing Condo

The phrase ‘not your grandma’s condo’ has never been as true as it is today. In the West Michigan Condo market, there is a dramatic difference between condos built today versus 10, 15, & 20 years ago. Condos used to be designed as a place to ‘retire to’, fully equipped(enter sarcasm here) with a single stall garage (often either detached, or not directly attached), a small kitchen that also doubles as the eating area, 1-2 bedrooms, and 1-2 bathrooms, a small family room, and absolutely NO storage. The condos of yester-year included all of these ‘Spartan-Like’ features in a package as small as 600-700sf. Ok, some of them were as big as 850sf, but that’s being generous. Bottom line, is that these condos were small. Add low ceilings, minimal windows (especially in the interior units), and poor lighting together and you end up with the preverbal “BOWLING ALLEY CONDO”. The good news is that the condos of years gone by have been redesigned to change with the needs of the new condo buyer.

Today’s condo buyer is not just looking for a place that has less maintenance; today’s condo buyer is also looking for a home that fits their lifestyle. THE SOLUTION? Floor plans that strike a balance which allows owners to entertain large groups, grow the family, maintain loads of storage, cook in the gourmet kitchen or relax in the sprawling master suite. All of this while someone else mows your lawn, shovels your driveway and weeds the flower bed!

Today’s new condo buyer has caused a shift in condominium construction, freedom from maintenance and responsibility without sacrificing space and lifestyle. There isn’t one magical floor plan that works well for every buyer. But, at Sierrafield Condominiums in Byron Center, MI, we have 10 different floor plans sure to please any lifestyle or need! We have a two-story floor plan, three multi level floor plans, or six ranch plans. This provides a dramatic range in price and functionality. Starting at 866sf and going up past 2,700sf, condos now come in all shapes and sizes!

For example: The Acacia, our large Two-Story is an open design ideal for entertaining; the kitchen is open to the living room and the dining area. The kitchen is large enough for multiple people to work at the same time. With two story windows, there is plenty of light, and it feels very spacious.


The Rosewood, our fully customizable ranch floor plan allows flexibility to choose a grand master suite or a second bedroom on the main floor (or both!). With the kitchen island facing the dining area and the living room, everyone is part of the conversation. The dining area opens to the sun porch so you can extend the table as long as you want; have the entire family over for Thanksgiving!

The decision to buy a condo does NOT mean sacrificing your lifestyle, a decision to buy a condo is a decision to live a more simple life and put first those things that are most important to you. Let someone else shovel the driveway and mow the lawn while you enjoy pure living.

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