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Condo Lifestyle: Question the Kitchen and Dining Areas

When questioning what you desire in the condo lifestyle, many jump to their needs and/or wants in a kitchen and dining area.  Here are some important questions to ask yourself when deciding what type, size, and layout you need and perhaps want in a condominium kitchen and dining area.

  • How often do you have guests over for a meal?  If it is infrequent, perhaps the permanent 10 foot formal dining table is not necessary to find space for.  Investing in a smaller table, and having another handy or the ability to add leaves will help open up the space in the dining area when guests are not around. 
  • Have a large family and want to sit them all down for Christmas dinner?  The infrequent large get-togethers may not be practical for the size condo you are considering- and I would hesitate to encourage you to look at a different condo if this was the case because we have a wonderful community building at the main south entrance to Sierrafield with a fully equipped kitchen, large dining area, living room with television, game area, patio, fireplace, and bathrooms.  So, the ocassional large family gathering could be held there (for a small rental fee). 
  • What about Grandma’s china and large hutch?  Often, the large hutches do not fit comfortably in many of the kitchen and dining room designs of our condos.  However, they often can look nice in the living area or sun porch.  Often, a large hutch may require sacrifice of dining room table space, lack of window, or cover needed switches and outlets.  If Grandma’s hutch and china are not an option to move around or to perhaps ‘downsize’ considering a custom condo may be your best option.  Our Rosewood floor plan offers full customization of interior walls.  We can make sure to find the perfect wall and space for the treasured piece.
  • But I NEED an island!  Some of our standard kitchen layouts are either island friendly or can accommodate the upgrade.  Sometimes, the peninsula is simply the best or only use of space in the kitchen layout.  Consider what the island would have been used for.  Extra counter space?  Eating area?  Perhaps a raised bar on the peninsula or adding an information style station to your condo would fit your needs just as well.

The bottom line comes down to what you NEED in a kitchen and dining area to what you WANT.  Sometimes both can happen.  Other times, a sacrifice or other viable option may need to be made in order to achieve the condo lifestyle you are after.

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