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Condo Lifestyle: Questions about bedrooms

Many condo buyers are looking to simplify life and some are trying to also downsize.  Generally speaking this could mean moving from a 3-4 bedroom single family home where the kids were raised, to a condo that’s all for them!  However, many buyers can get hung up on how many bedrooms they actually need to how many they want.  Often it is important to ask some simple questions to see where the commonalities between need, wants, and availability lie. 

  • Where does the master suite need to be located?  Some buyers are looking at condominiums as a ‘last buy’ situation and the ranch style floor plans make the most sense.  However, some buyers are able to look at master suites that may be located on a different level than the main floor, in which case a bi-level or town home floor plan may be a more economical choice.
  • What are the additional bedrooms going to be used for?  Some people use bedrooms as office space, sewing or crafting rooms, man-caves, and other non-sleeping style uses.  In many cases, in may be cheaper and easier to add four season sunporch on the the main floor rather than finishing off the basement to gain that extra ‘room’.  Many of the ranch plans include only the master suite on the main floor, so this is a popular option for many.
  • What about boomerang kids?  Often many condo buyers are looking to enter the condo lifestyle while still having a child that may or may not be moving back home (college, moving, young professional trying to get back on their feet).  In this case, having a separate space is a must- finishing off the basement or choosing the Rosewood (2 bedroom ranch) or Hemlock (2 bedroom split level) that can be finished on the main floor only and still have the additional bedroom required is the best option.

Adding additional finished space for actual bedrooms can become pricey, so it is important to ask questions about the actual needs of the condo buyer with regards to the space so the best fit condo can be found to fit their lifestyle.

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