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Condo Lifestyle: Simplify Life

Get rid of the shovel and simplify!

Have you ever seen the wood signs in home decor stores with one word- SIMPLIFY?  To simplify, by definition, means to reduce complexity, take out fundamental parts, to make things easier.  So how can one simplify living space without downsizing on needed features?  Welcome to the condominiums of the 21st century.  Condo living allows you to simplify life without neglecting needs or wants.

To simplify life by moving into a condominium, you can hand in the shovel, rake, snow blower, lawn spreader, mower, and hoses and all the of the responsibilities that come with those tools.  No longer responsible for some of those tasks, you are simplifying life so you can enjoy more time with family, friends, and hobbies.

Simplicity does not necessarily mean downsizing in space in the modern day condo.  While condo’s of a previous generation were smaller in scale (often around 700 square feet) and modeled after apartments, today’s new construction condominiums are considerably larger, some nearing 3,000sf or more. Modern condos are designed to model the single family home, just without the hassle of outdoor maintenance.

 At Sierrafield Condominiums, we aim to make our condos feel like home, like the single family home you may be familiar with.  We want to provide a comfortable, relaxed, and open setting that provides the homebuyer with all the features and space needed to simplify, not necessarily downsize.  With condos in a variety of sizes and shapes- from a 1 bedroom ranch to a four bedroom bi-level there is a home for everyone to simplify, without downsizing.  Simplifying into a condo doesn’t need to involve selling all of the furniture, and moving into a sardine can.

The bottom line?  Simplify your life by moving into a condo creates more time for things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do.

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