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New Construction: The importantance of meeting with a builders representative

Whether condos or houses, new construction is a different animal when compared to existing homes. Having a builders representative with you during showings is vital so all your questions can be answered; often there are more options and questions than buyers can imagine, and a builders rep will be able to address these. Let me take a moment to highlight a few common questions.

  1. WHY IS THIS UNIT MORE THAN THAT UNIT? When you look at a spec condo, are you actually buying the spec condo, or will the builder build you one just like it? Are there any upgraded features in the spec condo you’re looking at, and will those upgraded features be in the condo being built for you? Spec units are often built to ‘wow’ buyers, meaning that there are typically upgraded items. Maybe one unit is a walkout, while the other is a day light basement. Or one unit has a sun porch, while the other has a deck.
  2. DON’T LIKE THE LOCATION? I HAVE OTHERS! Often builders will be able to build exactly what you’re looking for, in a different location. For example, at Sierrafield Condominiums in Byron Center, if you like our Cypress floor plan, I can show you one finished Cypress, as well as two unfinished Cypress’ in different locations.
  3. TIMING. If your home has sold, and you have only a short amount of time to get out, we can still build you a new condo! In a condominium development, there are often at least a few condos that are ‘partially finished’. This may mean that they are framed in, or maybe even taken through drywall. Buying a condo that is ‘partially finished’ cuts a large amount of time out of the building process. This also gives buyers the ability to make their own personal selections!
  4. WHAT IS STANDARD. This is an important question to ask when comparing different developments or different builders. When a builder estimates the cost of construction on a ‘to be built’ condo, they use ‘standard allowances’ for items such as flooring, cabinets, lighting, counter tops, ect. This is vital in establishing a set price on a condo. However, if a buyer insists on having, let’s say, 24k Gold Flooring, this might be outside of the allowance.
  5. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT. This is particularly important in a condominium development. Who is managing the Home Owners Association (HOA), how strict are the rules and regulations, can I have pets, does the HOA have an adequate reserve fund, how large is the development, how much more new construction is there, ect? All of these are important questions to ask the HOA manager or builders rep.

There are so many variables with new construction, it is vital to have a builder’s representative with you when touring the properties. Take good notes, and even bring a camera if they will help you remember what you’ve seen. At Sierrafield Condominiums we are always available to meet with real estate agents and/or buyers to tour all of our condos, and answer any questions you may have!

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