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How is the Real Estate Market in Sierrafield? June 2022 Report

How is the real estate market doing? How much is your condo in Sierrafield worth?

The Spica Real Estate team provides a monthly video update to any interested Sierrafield owners about condo prices in Sierrafield. 

Here are some highlights from this month’s update (and the full video is below!):

What is the real estate market like in Sierrafield right now?  Here is the June 2022 Market update from the Spica Real Estate team:

  • There’s a handful of things I’d like to go over, but at the end of this video, I have a very special request that we are desperately looking for that you might be able to help us with.
  • 1314 & 1296 Sand Springs are now closed in the Greens of Sierrafield. 1294 Sand Springs will most likely close mid to late July.
  • You may have noticed that Building Y, the foundation is in. Building Z, will be staked soon. Building AA is on the books and will be going where the job trailer is right now. Hopefully, we will have that one at least in the ground by the end of the year sometime.
  • Lots and lots of good pre-owned activity in both the Trails and Commons of Sierrafield. Specifically, 1212 Coopers Pass, 1228 & 1238 Mesa Junction. I actually have some personal insight on all three of these as our company listed 1212 Coopers Pass & 1228 Mesa Junction. In our next market update, we will have some more information on those since they’ll be closing within the next couple of weeks.
  • We also went through 1238 Mesa Junction with one of our buyers. This is a great floor plan (Willow floor plan). It’s an excellent condo in great condition. This brings me to my special request below.

SPECIAL REQUEST!!!! If you have a condo at Sierrafield, we have a client that is desperately on the hunt for something like the condo they went through at 1238 Mesa Junction. So if you have a condo in Sierrafield and you are at all considering selling, even if you’re kind of on the fence, please give us a call! If you have the right price, let us know! We have a very specific buyer looking to move into the neighborhood.

As always, if you have any questions about anything in Sierrafield, what your condo might be worth, what’s happening in the real estate market, or any questions about your condo or real estate, we would love to be able to help you in any way that we can.
If you are thinking about selling your condo and are curious to see how this report impacts you and the value of your condo, give us a call at (616) 730-1254.


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