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Mission: Sell Your House! Part 10

Mission:  The Home Office

There are a vast number of people transitioning to working at home or at home businesses.  So while the number of people needing to work at home or choosing to do so has risen, also has the need to make home office furniture and décor not so industrial and stark as its corporate ancestors.  So how can remodeling or adding home office space help in the sale of a home?  Furniture, purpose, and space have a lot to do with it.  Home office furniture and spaces should focus on technology and space.  If you are looking to sell your home, make sure the area designated as ‘home office’ is free of clutter so it looks more spacious.  Have it in a window filled part of the house near other spaces so it doesn’t seem isolating.  Also, be sure to have plenty of outlets and information on the available cable and internet connections so potential buyers can envision how their needs will be met.  Even with the staggering number of people moving to a home office situation rather than a corporate high-rise, home offices renovations see some of the lowest return on investment in the industry.  Locally, the home office remodel will only fetch a 38% return.  This could be because home offices are sometimes more tech driven than space driven or that they are such personal spaces, people like to be able to make their own home office once they are moved and settled.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t appear that a home office remodel will reap many benefits from the resale aspect.

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**Disclaimer: Always consult your real estate professional about any improvements you wish to make to your home before selling. Also, The numbers used in these articles are national or regional averages based on surveys, and are not guaranteed. Seek professional advice before proceeding with any projects.  Facts and Information Generally Specific to the Greater Grand Rapids area.
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