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Mission: Sell Your House! Part 11

Mission:  The Sun Porch or Sunroom

The addition of a sunporch or sunroom adds square footage to the home, without much cost.  It can help extend current living space or provide additional areas for unique experiences.  When adding a sunporch or sunroom think about how the space will be used.  Many popular reasons for the addition include a sheltered hot tub space, home office, breakfast or eating area, or entertainment space.  Decide if the area needs to be fully insulated and heated to create a ‘four seasons’ room for year round use or if you desire a more seasonal approach- think about how the space will be closed off during the off season and how that may affect the flow of your home. It’s also important to consider how you attach the sun porch to the house, and which direction it faces. A southern facing sun porch will receive a great deal of sun all day long, which may or may not work well for a home office. Your intended use can have an impact on where and how you attach the room.  While many people often look at home listings to see if the home has a sun porch or sunroom; it does not appear to be a major decision factor in many cases.  While the addition is nice and can attract buyers, the average sunroom addition is only returning about 41% of the costs.  This could point to lack of demand or the lack of desire to pay for the extra amenity.  It’s important to remember that if the sun porch is a true four seasons room, this additional square footage is frequently calculated into the overall square footage of the home. This may lead to the appearance that you are not paying more for the sun porch, as the additional cost will be buried into the price of the home (ie:  price per square foot will be the same), but the square footage will go up.

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**Disclaimer: Always consult your real estate professional about any improvements you wish to make to your home before selling. Also, The numbers used in these articles are national or regional averages based on surveys, and are not guaranteed. Seek professional advice before proceeding with any projects.  Facts and Information Generally Specific to the Greater Grand Rapids area.
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