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Mission: Sell Your House! Part 4

Mission:  Kitchen Trends

Kitchens have become one of the focal points in a home.  Buyers often rank the kitchen in the top three of important areas when it comes to layout and style.  While some kitchens can receive just a facelift, paint job, updated appliances, or even a hardware swap out; other projects may be more intensive.  It may be important to consider current ‘kitchen trends’.  Trends is used lightly here in that it is not a ‘fad’ like clothing or toys can become, but rather a serious look at what the buyer’s market is asking for in the space.  While some of these ideas may not be feasible, blend well with the home, or are a little too ‘trendy’; many of these options will more often than not increase the value and potential selling price of your home.  When thinking of current kitchen trends- just think adding a little SPICE to the space.

Stations provide specific spots for specific purposes.  A built in coffee station or office area within the kitchen space brings definition and organization to the home.

Peninsulas and Islands add not only character to the space but are practical serving and eating areas for the family to gather.

Integration is one of the most sought after trends in kitchens.  The cook doesn’t want to be hiding back in the ‘cave’ while preparing the family meal, but out integrating with other spaces and the people who inhabit them.  Removing a wall or even partial wall can open up and integrate the space creating a more inviting and open floor plan.

Color is key!  Buyers are looking for unique characteristics that bring life into a home.  Often one of the most economical ways is through color. Painting or staining a section or island of cabinets and drawers can add a lot of life to the space.  A splash of color in appliances, updated countertops in modern (yet neutral) tones, or even a fun tile backsplash will attract buyers instantly!

Eco-Friendly aka Green.  According to one survey, the ‘most trendy’ of kitchen designs of 2010 in kitchens was creating a ‘Green’ kitchen.  While this is a little more vague and possible harder to do, it can still be affordable and marketable.  New energy star appliances, recycled materials, reused cabinetry, local products, or second hand hardware can add the often pursued ‘green’ or eco-friendly label.

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**Disclaimer: Always consult your real estate professional about any improvements you wish to make to your home before selling. Also, The numbers used in these articles are national or regional averages based on surveys, and are not guaranteed. Seek professional advice before proceeding with any projects.  Facts and Information Generally Specific to the Greater Grand Rapids area.
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