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New Construction at Sierrafield: Condo 3 Ways

Have you ever seen gormet food dishes feature one particular ingredient done three ways?  Like three beef choices, cooked and served slightly differently, but are all beef in the end?


Well new construction is kind of like condo three ways.  You can get the same product, but have a choice of how you start in three different ways.  You can purchase a new construction condo at Sierrafield in ‘move in ready’ stage, ‘roughed in’ stage, or ‘from the ground up.’

The first option to start your condo is ‘move in ready’.  These condos are completely finished- spec models as they are often called.  Our construction and design team have put together color selections and options in an effort to showcase the latest in design trends and products. We do this with so that a prospective buyer will be able to see our standard products in use, and see the floor plan completely finished.  These condos come complete with all decisions (cabinets, flooring, hardware, paint) made for you.  What is great about this option is that this condo can be ready to be moved into as soon as a closing can be scheduled.  This option is ideal if you are on a tight timeline with financing or the  sale of your current home.

The next starting option for your new construction condominium at Sierrafield is to purchase a home that has been ‘roughed in’.  This usually means it has been completed through drywall stage.  While some custom features may no longer be added, selections in flooring, cabinetry, hardware, and paint colors can still be made.  Having the condo ready at drywall cuts finish time down to about 6-8 weeks.  Completing units in this manner allows you to get a better feel of the floor plan and its functionality, while still allowing you to add your personal flare and style. 

The third way to purchase your new condomiunium at Sierrafield is from the ground up.  This option would allow some flexibility in location, complete customization (in The Greens), and certain options that can be arranged before drywall stage.  While this construction process from start to finish is the longest, it allows for you to have more control of what goes into your condo.  You get to make more decisions and choose what suits your lifestyle and personality.

However you like your beef,  I mean condo, we have what you are looking for at Sierrafield.  We strive to have a condo that not only suits your budget and personality, but your timeline as well!

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