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New Construction Update- The Rosewood!

We are excited to announce the newest stage of construction for our next duplex in The Greens of Sierrafield.  The Greens is our fully customizable, duplex only, Rosewood floor plan section of the development.  Our newest foundation has been poured and exterior walls are starting to go up on ‘Building G’. 

This is a duplex with a great location- looking high above to an open field below.  This duplex will house two Rosewood condominiums.

For pictures of a finished Rosewood and more information, check out this recent blog post.

The Rosewood is unique in that it is a fully customizable condo- no interior walls are set until purchased so the buyer can truly make this THEIR home.  The sky (and sometimes physics) are the limit! 

If you are interested in seeing a finished Rosewood- call Paul at 616.730.1254 to set up an appointment.

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