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Simplifying or Downsizing? (or both)


The Fall 2011 Parade of Homes has been going on for about 4 days now, and we’ve seen a lot of people come through our condo in The Greens Of Sierrafield. I’ve noticed a common theme among those interested in our condo; there’s a desire to simplify life, without sacrificing the size, amenities, or features of their current home.
I often communicate this as a desire to simplify life, not downsize.
Priorities change. It seems as though there is a lower priority on having the greenest, most manicured lawn, and a higher priority on spending time with those you love, and doing the things you love.
A new condo doesn’t mean selling all the furniture, and no room for the family at Thanksgiving. Nor does it mean tiny, dark rooms, and a ‘bowling alley’ feel!
A new condo can mean no more lawn to cut or snow to shovel, and more time with the kids, grandkids, golf course, or traveling! It can mean having friends and family over more often. Or leave for the weekend knowing that the driveway and sidewalk will be shoveled when you get home.
Our Parade of Homes condo this year exemplifies the idea of simplifying life, without sacrificing. With up to 4 bedrooms, there is a room for everyone, including the college grad who needs time to ‘figure things out’. And at 2,700+ square feet, there is plenty of room to sprawl, and get away. Add the third stall to the garage and now there’s room for the toys too!!
If simplifying life sounds good to you, stop by the sales office today!!




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