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Start Your Home Search: Video #5

Okay, so now you are ready to start looking for your home. It’s go time! We want to help you find your perfect house, despite how competitive the market might be right now. If it’s one thing we’ve learned after all of these years, it’s that your home is definitely out there, we just need to find it!

Ultimately, we want to find 10 to 15 for you to look at on your first viewing day. So, to do this we prepare an automated list for you that meets your needs and wants list.

While we are busy searching for your homes, we don’t want you to be shy about seeking out possibilities. This is a team effort. We heavily encourage our clients to seek the advice of websites like This site is both trustworthy and up to date. Please, be sure that the sites you are using are giving you fresh information so that you don’t become attached to a house that isn’t even on the market. Feel free to contact us with any homes of interest that you find online. And don’t be afraid to drive around through neighborhoods that you are interested in living in. You never know what you will find.

At this point in the game, you should lean in to your buyers agent– you have, after all, hired them. So, use them. As your buyers agent, you never inconvenience us. This is our job and we love what we do! We are here to help YOU!

If you have any questions about this portion of the process, just send us a quick email.

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