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Who are the Utility Providers?

Jan 20, 2011

One of the common questions asked by potential Sierrafield buyers is, “who are the utility providers?”  So, here are they are! Landline Phone:  AT&T Heat (Natural Gas):  DTE Electric:  Consumer’s Energy Cable:  Comcast Satellite Dish:  Dish Network or DirecTV(provided locally through The Revolution) High Speed Internet:  Comcast We pre-wire...

How are condos taxed?

Dec 22, 2010

Question: How are condominiums taxed? Answer: A condo is taxed exactly the same as a single family home. Taxes are based on the ‘taxable value’, and multiplied by the millage rate. The taxable value is typically about ½ of the market value of the condo. Sierrafield Condos, being in Byron Center, are taxed at about 30 mills, so a condo with a...

Condo Lifestyle: Questions about living use

Dec 18, 2010

A good portion of condominium owners and potential buyers are ones who winter and summer in different parts of the country.  Here at Sierrafield, we have many ‘snow bird’ residents- people who enjoy maintenance free living at their condo during the warmer months and then travel to warm places like Florida and Arizona for the colder times of the...

Condo Lifestyle: Questions about bedrooms

Dec 16, 2010

Many condo buyers are looking to simplify life and some are trying to also downsize.  Generally speaking this could mean moving from a 3-4 bedroom single family home where the kids were raised, to a condo that’s all for them!  However, many buyers can get hung up on how many bedrooms they actually need to how many they want.  Often it is important to...

Condo Lifestyle: Question the Kitchen and Dining Areas

Dec 14, 2010

When questioning what you desire in the condo lifestyle, many jump to their needs and/or wants in a kitchen and dining area.  Here are some important questions to ask yourself when deciding what type, size, and layout you need and perhaps want in a condominium kitchen and dining area. How often do you have guests over for a meal?  If it is infrequent, perhaps...

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