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Sierrafield Dig Out 2011

Feb 9, 2011

“Snowmaggedon”  “Blizard 2011”  “Groundhogs Day Blizzard”  Call it what you wish.  Last week the West Michigan area was hammered with snow.  About 17 inches of it to be exact.  As neighborhoods slowly ventured out to shovel and plow their driveways and sidewalks, there were a couple hundred happy residents who were glad...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 3

Jan 28, 2011

Mission:  Replace and Remodel? Once you have made the decision to sell your home and hopefully have sought the council of a licensed Real estate agent, choices may need to be made regarding any improvements on the home before listing it for sale.  Some areas may NEED attention in order to pass inspections.  Other areas may need improvement based on current...

Who are the Utility Providers?

Jan 20, 2011

One of the common questions asked by potential Sierrafield buyers is, “who are the utility providers?”  So, here are they are! Landline Phone:  AT&T Heat (Natural Gas):  DTE Electric:  Consumer’s Energy Cable:  Comcast Satellite Dish:  Dish Network or DirecTV(provided locally through The Revolution) High Speed Internet:  Comcast We pre-wire...

The Boomers are Booming!

Jan 12, 2011

This is a very interesting article on the rise of the ‘baby boomer’ population into the ‘retired’ population starting this year as the first wave of boomers turn 65 years old.  Any thoughts on how this will affect the real estate market for buyers and sellers as 76 million Americans hit retirement age in the next 15 years?  At...

How are condos taxed?

Dec 22, 2010

Question: How are condominiums taxed? Answer: A condo is taxed exactly the same as a single family home. Taxes are based on the ‘taxable value’, and multiplied by the millage rate. The taxable value is typically about ½ of the market value of the condo. Sierrafield Condos, being in Byron Center, are taxed at about 30 mills, so a condo with a...

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