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Introducing a New Member to Our Team!

Nov 1, 2013

We are excited to announce a new member to the Spica Real Estate and Sierrafield condominiums.  As the exclusive new construction agency at Sierrafield, they have the unique opportunity to represent buyers, help condo buyers sell their homes first, walk custom condo buyers through the new build process, and list some of the previously owned condos in...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 16

Mar 21, 2011

Mission:  Windows, Doors, and Roofs While there are no major trends for remodeling these necessary, but often forgotten features, there is something to be said about curb appeal.  A potential buyer could be instantly swayed by the look or condition of a front door, visible windows, or the shingles.  It’s called curb appeal- and it is important!  Making...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 15

Mar 18, 2011

Mission:  Basement Finishing or Remodel Buyers like options.  They like options in a home where there could be a variety of solutions for their ‘stuff’, or they like the flexibility a space may bring.  By finishing or renovating a basement, a seller could add significant value and appeal to their home.  Basements are not tucked away storage facilities...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 14

Mar 14, 2011

Mission:  Decks The outdoor environment can add the most value to your home without adding to the bill.   Sellers can make simple and often cost friendly changes to increase the selling appeal and price of the home.  One of these ways is by the addition of a deck.  Decking systems ,whether wood or composite (Ultradeck is a product we use here at...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 13

Mar 10, 2011

Mission:  The Family Room Buyers often look for the space in the home where the family can just ‘hang out’ separate from the formal living area.  Often this room is boasted as a ‘family room’.  If you are considering adding on a family room to your current home, here are some things to keep in mind that potential buyers are often looking for: Space to...

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