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Mission: Sell Your House! Part 12

Mar 5, 2011

Mission:  Garage Improvement or Addition In many cases, homes need at least a two stall garage.  More often than not, an oversized 2 stall or a 3 stall garage will help attract buyers to your home.  Adding on to the garage can fetch you almost a 50% return on your money.  Even more important is the ever present ‘curb appeal’ value of the home.  An...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 11

Mar 1, 2011

Mission:  The Sun Porch or Sunroom The addition of a sunporch or sunroom adds square footage to the home, without much cost.  It can help extend current living space or provide additional areas for unique experiences.  When adding a sunporch or sunroom think about how the space will be used.  Many popular reasons for the addition include a sheltered hot tub...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 10

Feb 26, 2011

Mission:  The Home Office There are a vast number of people transitioning to working at home or at home businesses.  So while the number of people needing to work at home or choosing to do so has risen, also has the need to make home office furniture and décor not so industrial and stark as its corporate ancestors.  So how can remodeling or adding home...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 9

Feb 22, 2011

Mission:  The Master Suite Return The addition of a master suite will not only help bring more potential buyers to consider your home, it will also increase the value of it.  While the Grand Rapids area averages a 55% return on a master suite addition, the national average is higher at 63%.  The addition of a master suite is definitely an item worth...

Mission: Sell Your House! Part 8

Feb 19, 2011

Mission:  The Master Suite The idea of a master suite has only been popularized for mainstream building since the early 1990’s.  If your house was built before then, chances are, it doesn’t have a master suite, at least by today’s standards.  By adding this feature, you could add a great deal of value to your home and it is almost guaranteed to drive up...

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