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Who knew that a little white 2”x4” sponge could be such a powerful tool? I used to paint houses during college, and know the often painful drama that touch ups can cause. If the light hits the wall just right, or if the color match is slightly off, you will see that spot forever. Paint touch ups are an art form; done right, you’d never know that a 3 year...

New Construction!

New Construction!

Mar 1, 2010

Sierrafield is currently in the process of constructing three new buildings! There are now twelve new condos at Sierrafield, eight of which are ranch condos and four split level. Two of the split-levels will be finished as spec units, and will be completed in approximately four weeks. At Sierrafield, we try to allow for as much flexibility as possible, so that...

$8000 tax credit, how to get it from Uncle Sam!

Here is a great article about filing your tax returns and getting the $6500 or $8000 tax credit. According to this article, you can’t ‘e-File’ your returns, as there isn’t a way for you to indicate your home purchase. It may be best for you to amend your previous years taxes and apply it that way. Speak with a CPA for the best...

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