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The 2nd Bedroom Predicament

One of the most commonly desired elements condominium buyers have expressed is the need for a 2nd bedroom, usually on the main floor of a ranch style floor plan.  While there are ranch floor plans that can accommodate two bedrooms, they often come at a higher price due to the higher square footage. These condos also tend to be more expensive to live in with higher property taxes and utility bills because of the increased main level square footage.  The 2nd bedroom can lead a buyer to a predicament:  stick to the price point or sacrifice the space. 

At Sierrafield, we try our best to find the condominium that suits every need of the buyer, if we don’t have it, we work and try to create it.  The good news is that often the 2nd bedroom predicament is solved with a few simple questions and probable solutions we have incorporated here at Sierrafield.  If you strongly desires the 2nd bedroom, here are some important questions to ask, along with possible solutions you will find without sacrificing price point or space.

What do you use the 2nd bedroom for?

If the second bedroom is used simply for extra living space, such as an office, there may not be a need to have an official “bedroom”.  Other spaces in our open floor plans work wonderfully for home offices, sitting areas, and extra living space.  An upgrade to a sunroom can add an extra 120 square feet at a fraction of the cost of a larger two bedroom condo.  Many of our living room spaces are large enough to use creative design elements or furniture to naturally divide the space into two distinct areas.

If the 2nd bedroom is needed as an actual bedroom space then the question should be asked, who needs to use the 2nd bedroom?

Often a second bedroom is for either a guest room or another home occupant.  If this person or your guests don’t mind stairs, choosing to finish the basement can be more cost effective than requesting a two bedroom ranch.  Generally, the base price of the floor plan will be less, as will property taxes.  All ranch condominiums floor plans at Sierrafield have a basement (daylight or walkout), buyers can choose to have it finished, or finish it themselves. Choosing to finish the basement would not only add the needed extra bedroom, but often a family room, bathroom, and storage area as well. 

What about a bonus room?

If the condo buyer is looking for a more flexible space that is not part of the main living area, but doesn’t necessarily need to be a finished bedroom, the Hemlock floor plan may be the unit for them.  This raised ranch condo has a half flight of stairs to the main living space, but then acts as a ranch with bedroom, dining, living, and kitchen, all on the main floor.  The highlight feature of the Hemlock is the finished bonus room above the garage.  A half flight of stairs from the dining area provides a separate space if used as a bedroom, but is close enough to be useful for an office, game room, craft area, and more!

What if all else fails?   

If a second bedroom on the main floor is the only way to go, The Rosewood floor plan fits the bill.  Fully customizable in The Greens at Sierrafield, the Rosewood can be tweaked to suit the needs of all buyers.

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