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Tragedy in the Community

On May 31st tragedy struck a building in The Commons of Sierrafield.  In an accident involving a vehicle malfunction, an explosion occurred followed by a massive fire in the 7300 block of Chino Valley.  This explosion caused complete destruction to the two interior units of the building, with the residents losing all contents of their homes.  The two end units of the building sustained some damage, mainly due to water while the extent of the damage is still under investigation.

You can see coverage of this event at the following news sites:

We at Sierrafield are so thankful that there were no injuries, that all residents and their four legged friends made it safety.  We also thank the multiple crews of firemen that came from the Byron Center and Cutlerville Fire Departments to battle and contain the blaze in the heat and humidity of the day.  It is also important to note that the separation walls meant to contain fire between units did do its job in most places.  As you can see in the photo below, the garage unit on the left was nearly untouched by the flames.  While these separation walls helped in most areas, they could not (and are not designed) to withstand the force of an explosion.

It is an amazing story of protection that we are left with amongst the burned rubble of a building.  As the developer, we are in process of implementing a plan to help those residents who have been displaced and lost everything.  If you have any questions concerning this incident, please feel free to call the sales office at 616.583.0907.

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