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What is an “Engineered Hardwood” Flooring

Flooring, like many construction products has seen its fair share of advancements over the past few decades. Engineered hardwood floors are a prime example.
Fitting right in between a laminate floor and solid hardwood floors, engineered hardwood floors are becoming quite popular.
Available in various thicknesses and widths, the pictures below show close ups of the engineered wood floor we are using in our Spring Parade of Homes condo in the Greens of Sierrafield. This floor is 3/8″ thick and 5″ wide, and the species is Hickory.
The product is not solid hickory, but rather a real wood veneer that is approximately 1/16″ to 1/8th” thick. The remaining thickness is made of thin layers of wood, similar to ply wood. The grain of these layers are laid in opposing directions to maximize strength.
The floor can be glued or nailed to the sub floor. As you can see in the images below, each piece locks to the next with a tongue and groove system. In our application, we’ve glued and nailed it to the subfloor.

Stop by our condo during the Spring 2013 Parade of Homes to see this great wood floor in person. Or, if you are considering building a home, or a remodel project, stop by to talk to our builder, CBH Building & Development.

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